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Home Pest Control

Take Advantage Of Our Bi Monthly Service


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Pest Protection For Your Phoenix Home


Whether you realize it or not, your West Phoenix home faces pest threats all year long. From insects in the summer to rodents in the winter, there's always some pest on your property that could be trying to get into your house. While some pests are considered nuisance pests and don't cause any major problems, others are a far more serious concern. Some pests, like termites, are extremely destructive to the structure of your house, some, like cockroaches, are dangerous to your health, and others, like rodents, are both destructive and dangerous.


If you are looking for general pest control to protect your home from the most common Phoenix pests, Triton Pest & Weed Control can help. Our monthly pest control program* will keep your home protected all year long.During the treatment, we'll treat both the exterior and interior of your home. We'll apply a spray treatment around the perimeter of your home, as well as your front and back yard, and inside. If necessary, we also use a granular treatment and can place monitoring devices in strategic locations. Our general pest control typically includes monthly follow-up visits. During these services, we'll re-treat both the interior and exterior of your home to ensure full protection against pests throughout the year.

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