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Can Earwigs Bite Me?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

If you cringe at the thought of an earwig, then you’re probably not alone. They have made quite a nasty reputation, actually thanks to urban legends which are mainly false. And here in Arizona, & especially Buckeye we have these little guys all over. People in the Buckeye who have had earwig issues know what a problem these bugs can be. They are very difficult to get rid of and you should always consult a professional if the issue may arise. Among all of the Pest Control Providers in Buckeye we can guarantee that we will take care of your earwig issue promptly and quickly.

Can earwigs bite me? An earwig can technically bite you, but it is highly unlikely that they would. If you put it into perspective, these fellas do not need blood like bed bugs, mosquitos, or ticks, so they are not seeking out for human blood. This is extremely uncommon and is not something to be worried about.

These guys have developed a very horrifying reputation due to Urban legend. The stories that have accumulated from Urban legend consist of these pesky guys crawling into your ear and nesting in your brain. This is just completely and utterly false, they just don't do that. How Can I Identify An Earwig? Earwigs have slightly flattened bodies and are medium in size, very similar to silverfish. They are typically around five-eighths of an inch in length. They are either black or brown, but sometimes they have reddish stripes on their abdomen or head. The most eye catching feature of earwigs is their pinchers, also known as cerci. These are used to defend of prey if need be and intimidate any other insect looking for lunch. They hardly use them and almost never use them against humans, so there is not much to worry with these little guys.

Can They Pinch Me?

When an Earwig bites you it is extremely rare and does not happen often so consider yourself lucky. But really they actually do it on accident. They only pinch humans when they feel in danger and are trying to defend themselves. Never because they’re looking to make a meal of you or try and suck your blood. Even if they wanted to hurt you, they simply couldn't. Their pinchers aren’t very strong and could barely break skin. Additionally, these pinchers are not used against humans and area actually used to attract a mate. How To Determine If I Have An Earwig Bite? Now that you know that earwigs are not prone to biting and pinching you, you can go to bed at ease. If you have multiple red bumps on your skin, the culprit most likely isn’t earwigs. It is most likely bed bugs, ticks or mosquitos and is important to call a professional right away. There are many insects that may leave welts or red bumps on your skin, so make sure to properly identify the insects before taking any action. Earwigs are considered a nuisance by homeowners, but it’s not because of their bite it's truly by the nature of these insects.

Worst case scenario call a professional like Triton Pest Control where we offer free inspections to identify your bug problem. We offer comprehensive inspections completely free of charge where we can provide and in depth breakdown of your infestation and what we can do to fix it with no contracts. Here in Buckeye we strive to be one of most trusted & respected Pest Control Bug man in the area. Your bug problem is our priority and we take pride in serving all of our customers and making their homes bug free. Call us today at (623) 745-3111 and we will be happy to help.

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