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Does Mosquito Spray In Buckeye Really Work?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Mosquito Spray

Mosquitos, known as one of the most pesky bugs here in Arizona & especially in Buckeye with all of the farming going on. We have all had it, a bite that itches for days and you can never seem to get rid of them. Living in the Buckeye you are probably thinking can I ever get rid of these relentless critters? The answer is yes you can, mosquito spray can actually assist in protecting your yard and porch areas in very effective ways. You have the option for using a garden hose, or end sprayer, aerosols, or even a fogger to spray the yard. Mosquito spray should be dispersed in areas that they are resting, for example tall grass, standing water, flower beds, moist areas, and anywhere you may think they might be. We will go over below exactly how mosquito spray works and some things you can do to prevent getting bit in your own backyard.

How It Works?

Mosquito repellent works by interfering with the mosquito’s ability to detect their host, more specifically limits their ability to detect a person to feast on. Depending on the product, sprays available to homeowners can last up to a few hours or even up to several days. Professional service technicians treatment last much longer than a DIY method. They have access to EPA approved pesticides that are effectively designed to last much longer than your over the counter products. Not only that but they are licensed and certified which means they have done extensive training on how to properly treat your property for mosquitos. Over the counter pesticides can contain harmful chemicals that may hurt or negatively affect any pets or young ones in the home. So make sure to let the spray dry for at least 30 minutes before letting the little ones back out. Always follow the label instructions on the product before using it to help ensure it is being used safely.

Some Extra Tips

Along with proper Mosquito treatment at your home there are some extra things you can do to help prevent seeing or getting bit. They tend to live in areas especially here in Buckeye where there is standing water or tall grass. Doing the following can help keep them away:

  • Keep your grass cut short.

  • Make sure there are no weeds.

  • Clean up any standing water

  • Make sure your home is properly drained to prevent flooding

If you continue to see Mosquitos then do not hesitate to contact Triton Pest Control. All of our technicians are licensed, trained, and background checked professionals that all work locally in your area here in Buckeye Arizona. We can ensure we will take care of your mosquito problem for probably the same amount that you would spend at the store on insecticide. We want to be your trusted Buckeye Pest Control provider so give us a call and get a fast quote over the phone at (623) 745-3111.


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