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How Do I Know I Have Bed Bugs In My Buckeye Arizona Home.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Bed Bugs are one of the most intrusive and pesky bugs that can end up not only in your house but in your beds and sleeping areas. They hide during the day and feed at night. What does their diet consist of? Your blood, and on top of it they can leave painful and unpleasing rashes all over your body. Find out if you have Bed Bug rashes here:

Bed Bug Bites

Are you waking up with an itch that won't go away? There is a chance you might have a bed bug problem. Since they cozy up where people sleep, bed bugs can make slumber a real-life nightmare. So how do you not feel it when they are sucking on your blood? Injecting a natural anesthetic, they go unnoticed as they suck blood from their sleeping victims. Just like mosquitos, you don't even realize it until they are done feasting on your skin. Everyone responds differently to their bites, but here’s a list of common reactions to help determine whether you’ve fallen prey to the unwanted bedmates:

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Make sure to inspect your arms, hands, neck and face. If you see any red bumps, bites or rashes on your skin, they may be from bed bugs. That said, bed bug bites are often confused with the bites of other pests. Most often, this includes mosquitoes and fleas. What is the difference? Flea bites often occur around the ankles, whereas bed bug bites can occur anywhere that skin is exposed at night. Painless Bites, You Can't Even Feel Them When bed bugs bite, you probably will not even feel them. This is because they bite when your body is usually sleeping. Also not to mention, the saliva they inject upon biting numbs the skin, making it painless. That said, it is also the saliva that causes people to allergic reactions and worsening conditions. The effects of a bite can vary from person to person. Sometimes, an allergic reaction to bed bug saliva produces red, itchy welts that appear on your body as a rash. Dont Scratch! Refrain from scratching bites and bed bug rashes, as it only makes matters worse. Intense scratching can lead to bleeding, infection and swelling. More Rashes? People often mistake bed bug bites for rashes or other insect bites. If you think you may have bed bug bites, monitor whether nightly bites increase over time. Also talk to a specialist to make sure your rash is not infected and that it is indeed a bed bug rash. Are You Allergic To Bed Bugs? Bed Bugs can become very dangerous if you are allergic to them. Unfortunately, there may be no way to know for sure until you’ve been bitten. Reactions include pain, itching and intolerance at the site of the bite. It’s important that you do not scratch the bumps, as it may lead to a bed bug bite rash which can then get infected. If you’ve been bitten and are concerned about your side effects, consult a health care doctor immediately to make sure it is not dangerous to your health. Want bed bug rashes and bites to stop? You’ve got to kill the culprit, their eggs and the rest of the infestation within your rooms and beds. This year, fight back when you schedule an appointment with Triton Pest Control. We are known as one the tope pest control providers in Buckeye with a reputation of top customer service, and 100% effective Pest Control treatments. Just contact us at (623) 745-3111 and our trained technicians can help rid your home of bed bug infestations. We offer a warranty attached so if you have any issues after the service is completed we will come back out at no extra cost. That means you can wake up knowing you're home, health and restful sleep are safe and secure.

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