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Where Can You Find Bed Bugs In Buckeye Arizona?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Bed bugs are intrusive pests. They can really be anywhere in your everyday belongings and bite you in the night, which may cause painful red welts to appear all over your body. The welts look like small red bumps on your skin that may be mistaken for a rash but are definitely anything but that. Because they grow no larger than ¼ of an inch long, they’re able to hide within nearly every hidden crack, crevice, and corner available in your home. Bed bugs feed on human blood, usually at night which is why they are mostly found in areas that people sit or sleep regularly. Their bites can result in a number of health impacts including skin rashes, and allergic reactions. Below we have included some of the most common areas that you can find Bed Bugs within your home which can ultimately cause harm to you and your family.

Couches and other upholstered furniture

One of the most common places Bed Bugs are is in your couch. These pests are able to move to furniture in between couch cushions and behind pillows, but a not as well known bed bug hiding place is the bottom of your furniture, which provides the perfect hideout for these guys, and an area that they can hide undisturbed. More specifically underneath your most loved couch in the house!


The mattress is one of the most common places you can find Bed Bugs in your home. These pests can detect human body heat, expelled CO2, and kairomones, which attracts them toward the spots people use most often. We spend a third of our lives sleeping which makes a mattress a bed bug hot spot. This also results in night time activity where they will unfortunately suck on your blood which causes dark red spots all over your skin.

Bed frames

Bed bugs truly can hide anywhere. They often hideout inside cracks in the wood and the small spaces where the headboard and the footboard in the bed. As the population increases, bed bugs may look for any available areas in your home that are still near you. If you check within these cracks and crevices inside of your bed frame you may be able to find traces of Bed Bugs. If you do it is so important to contact a professional immediately to take care of the issue.


In addition to your mattress and box spring, bed bugs can live within your sheets, pillowcases, quilts, and comforters. Fortunately, spotting the signs of bed bugs on your bedding can be much easier than searching for them underneath your mattress. Look behind your pillows, inside of your pillow case, inside of the actual pillow itself, underneath every sheet, and especially underneath your bed mattress.


The last thing you probably want to deal with after getting home from a long trip is bed bugs following you there. But unfortunately, bed bug infestations often start with travel. These pests may be found in hotel rooms, movie theaters, and pretty much anywhere that is highly trafficked. Any bed bugs living within hotel mattresses and carpets can be quick to hitch a ride in an open suitcase. When you return home, it’s best to store your luggage in the garage rather than in your closet to keep them out of your bedroom. Make sure to check everywhere in between the pockets and zippers within your luggage before unloading all of your goods.

At the end of the day nobody wants to see Bed Bugs anywhere in any part of their life. That is why we offer a high quality and effective service with our Heat Treatments combined with Chemical Methods to fully take care of any bed bug issue you have. We are known as one the tope pest control providers in Buckeye with a reputation of top customer service, and 100% effective Pest Control treatments. So don't hesitate to contact us at (623) 745-3111 or Book Your Comprehensive Free Bed Bug inspection online.


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