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Lawn Care For Your Phoenix Home


Lawn care is a necessity in Phoenix Arizona, from the weeds to the bugs, Triton will take care of all your problems with one plan. Instead of dealing with 2 different companies, deal with 1 on a the same schedule every single month. We take pride in our professional lawn care solutions to all of our customers. We specialize in lawn maintanence and yard cleanup. Leave the lawn care to us and you'll be happy you did. 


 Our monthly lawn care program will keep your home maintained all year long. During the all seasons, we'll do everything from mowing the lawn, pulling your weeds, trimming the bushes, and blowing out the front and backyard. We'll make sure your yard looks as picturesque and perfect as we can, meaning it will be nice enough to enjoy on a regular basis. Make sure to get setup on our plan because we have limited availability. 

Arizona lawns require a specific type of maintanence meaning you cannot do the same thing year round. We tailor each and every lawn and backyard to its specific needs. We want to ensure your lawn is always green, trimmed, and cleaned up from any debris. The best part is you get to get your pest control and your lawn services done at the same time meaning there is no more hassle in scheduling two different service companies to come out plus not to worry about the landscape company washing away any pest control that was done previously. We'll coordinate the entire process meaning you can sit back and enjoy our services. 

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