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Rodent Control

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Our Rodent Control Offerings



The rodent inspection is an important first step in the rodent control process. We’ll walk with you through your house so that you can show us the areas where you’ve seen activity and where you have concerns. We’ll also look in common rodent hot spots, as well as outside to determine where the entry points are that the rodents are using to access your home.



Once we’ve performed a thorough inspection, we’ll set out bait and traps for the rodents. We lay bait boxes on rodent trails. We use a variety of traps, including snap traps, glue boards, bait traps, and even live traps. Unless you notify us of activity, we’ll return every month to check the traps.

We also offer exclusion work to seal entry points, including caulking around windows, filling cracks, and plugging holes where we find that rodents are entering your home. Without exclusion work, you’ll likely have a recurring problem with rodents in the future.

Fix The Issue

A rodent infestation is a serious problem that requires a comprehensive solution. Triton Pest & Weed Control provides rodent control services that work. Don’t let rodents get into your house and damage it or spread an illness to your family. Protect your home and family with the help of Triton Pest & Weed Control. Contact us to schedule an inspection today.

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