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Is Pest Control Service In Buckeye Az Worth It?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Arizona is one of the most iconic places in the country being that it comes with incredible weather in the winters and unfortunately, extreme heat in the summers, & especially here in Buckeye. Buckeye was actually rated #1 in fastest growing cities in 2019. Being that it is extremely hot here 4 months out of the year we get sun tans, swimming pools, and oh we forgot to mention , BUGS! That's right, here in Buckeye we have everything from roaches, snakes, black widows, termites, bees, and scorpions. You probably already knew this, but what comes with bugs is sea of Buckeye Pest Control services to choose from. You are also probably thinking, I can just DIY and take care of the bugs on my own. Which is something that so many people attempt to do yet miserably fail. The task of being the DIY bug-man is a feat not many are willing to take on. That is why there is extensive testing and training in place before a technician is even able to pick up any sprayers. We will go into the details of why you should hire a pest control company and get the job done the right way.

The Facts

When it comes to Pest Control there is an array of different things to take into consideration, especially here in Buckeye. Like what pesticides do I use in order to take care of my bug problem? Is it safe for my kids and pets? Or where & how much of the pesticide do I use? Listed below are 3 main reasons why we highly recommend finding a professional among all the Buckeye Pest Control businesses.

- Pesticides can be dangerous

- Trained & licensed professionals

- The cost is low


Pesticides can be very dangerous if not used correctly, what most people do not realize is that it is literally a poison that is used to kill bugs. So yes, if inhaled it can be very dangerous. Being licensed and certified professionals we have access to EPA approved chemicals that not only are extremely effective but are safe for the environment and your loved ones. The over the counter brands are known to be involved in law suits that are directly involved with causing bodily health issues to individuals who didn't properly use them. Never try and use pesticides without professional help, being that it can cause damage to your body and may cause long term health issues.

Trained & Licensed

In the state of Arizona and specifically the county of Maricopa, there are extensive legal and certification requirements in order to be a licensed Pest Control Business here in Buckeye. The state understands the seriousness of Pesticides which is why there is such extensive training. In order for a technician to service your home he must go through days of training and classes before he must take his test. Which means that he/she knows how to properly use these chemicals at your Buckeye home. We also know the methods and amounts to use in each and every situation. Also, every home has different pest issues which means that there is no one method that can fix your issues. You have to have a trained and certified technician to evaluate the problem and service accordingly.


At the end of the day the main reason most people want to do it themselves is because they think it will save them money. If you take a generic bottle of pesticide from the store which will cost you $30 at your local Buckeye outdoor store, and you then spray it in your home once a month you are really saving penny's on the dime's. We charge a low $65 bimonthly service which if you math it out is pretty much the same as what you would pay for a bottle of pesticide once a month at the store. Not only that but now you are getting a trained technician who is going to do the job the right way.

For any of your future issues here in Buckeye Arizona don't hesitate to call. We will do the job the right way and hold ourselves accountable to making sure you are happy with our services. Don't waste your time trying to do it yourself because you will ultimately lose time, and money that we can give back to you by using us. We want to become your trusted Buckeye Pest Control Service provider so call us at (623) 745-3111 and one of our representatives will be happy to help you & your Buckeye Home.

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Jane Ront
Jane Ront
Jun 09, 2022

Scorpion is usually found in arid and desert regions, but you can also find it in Arizona and Florida. These pests are dangerous to humans, so it is important not to come in contact with them and to call a pest control service for help right away.

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