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How To Get Rid Of Rodents In Buckeye Arizona.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Mice can be one of the hardest pests to get rid of, they are intrusive and extremely difficult to get rid of. That is why we put together our best practices in getting rid of any pesky rodents that are infesting your home. And especially in Buckeye Arizona with all of the construction and farming going on, it's not a matter of if you'll ever have rodents but a matter of when. First and foremost it is important to understand that if you have seen a rodent in your home or around your home the chances are there are more. Rodents are a pack animal and live in colonies and groups. Listed below are some ways that we put together in order to assist in getting rid of mice in your home.

How to help get rid of mice in your house:

  1. Exclusion

  2. Traps Traps Traps

  3. Use Bait Traps

  4. Placement Of Traps Is Crucial

  5. Bait stations.

  6. Cleanliness Will Not Get Rid Of Rodents, But UnCleanliness Will Attract Them.

Rodents are one of Americas most pesky animals, they are one of the least feared animals toward humans being that they enjoy being where we are. It is important to know that tackling rodent treatment alone is very difficult and it can be as easy as making a phone call to a professional to get rid of your problem. If you plan on tackling the issue alone here are just a few points that will help assist in getting rid of rodents.

1. Exclusion Is Everything

Building mice out, or rodent-proofing your home, is an effective way to stop mice infestations from expanding or ever occurring in the first place. A good rule of thumb is if you can fit your thumb or index finger inside of a hole in any point in your home then a mouse can most definitely fit through it. You must understand where they are coming from in order to eliminate the issue. Finding the source is going to be your first step and then excluding those areas will be your second step. Seal cracks in the foundation as well as openings in the walls, including where utility pipes and vents occur. Steel wool and caulking works great here. Avoid using plastic, rubber, wood or anything else mice can easily gnaw through as sealants. Get weather stripping for door and window gaps and make sure the sweep on your door creates a seal against the threshold when it's closed.

2. Traps Traps Traps

The best way to help get rid of mice in an ongoing infestation is using mouse traps. New technologies have assisted in the mouse trap but keep in mind that most people underestimate mice infestations. It's not uncommon to lay one dozen traps for just one mouse, or what you think is just one mouse. Use plenty. It's also a good idea to lay many different types of traps. We do not recommend using the classic traditional wooden snap traps as they are known to leave mice behind. Utilize T-Rex traps that are much better at not only trapping the mouse but killing it on the spot. This gives you a better chance at catching all of the mice.

3. Choose the best bait for mouse traps.

You can use whatever food the mice have been eating in your home for bait, or mouse approved favorites such as chocolate, peanut butter, bacon, oatmeal, and especially avocado skins. Rodents are also very fond of citrus so if you have a citrus tree in the yard, chances are that is what is attracting them. When you're ready to set the baited trap, tie the bait to the trigger with fishing line or dental floss. This will make sure the bait doesn't go anywhere. Replace with fresh bait every two days to ensure freshness.

4. Placement of traps is crucial.

Place the traps perpendicular to the walls, with the trigger section facing the baseboard. Mice and Rats are known to jump through things as their vision is not good, so when they see an opening as they scurry along the wall they jump through it. This causes the mouse to run directly into the bait as it naturally runs along the walls. Mice don't travel far from food sources and nesting areas, so place the traps anywhere you see a point of entry, as well as rodent droppings near baseboards and on walls. Change trap locations every two days or so. Mice are naturally curious so they won't avoid traps like rats will.

5. Bait stations.

Here in Buckeye we have a large food source from all the farming fields which is why bait stations are so crucial. Bait stations are sealed packets containing food that is poisonous to them. They typically come in plastic, paper or cellophane wrapping, allowing the mice to easily crawl through and get to the food. The mice feed on this bait and die. While helpful in getting rid of mice, these products are best handled by trained pest management professionals to ensure the safety of you, your children and your pets. Never handle poisonous baits without a licensed professional.

6. Cleanliness Will Not Get Rid Of Rodents, But UnCleanliness Will Attract Them.

Mice can survive on just 3 to 4 grams of food per day, so a few crumbs here and there are all they really need. Vacuum your floors and be sure to wipe down counters, eliminating residue, crumbs and any access to food sources. Store food in glass jars or airtight containers. Don't forget about securing your garbage in your Buckeye home. Mice have sharp incisor teeth so they can chew through just about anything.

If you are doing all of this and nothing seems to be working call and professional! A professional service technician who is licensed must go through extensive testing and training in order to get his license. So he knows exactly where and how to place the traps in order make your home pest free. We are one of the most trust most companies here in Buckeye Arizona. We offer prices that are almost identical to going out and buying traps yourself. Feel free to give us a call at (623) 745-3111 and we will be happy to help.

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